Month: March 2013

Throwing in the towel

Throwing in the towel

A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. – Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Despite packing everything I thought I might need for 6 months into the pack that makes me look like an oversize […]


The Playa at Playa

Playa Del Carmen?  I’ve made no mention of the “Playa” portion of this. Needless to say, Carmen’s Playa is quite nice.  It is worth coming for, worth staying for, and worth hanging out all day at. The beach itself is largely punctuated by two ferry docks. […]


Spanish Class – Week 2

So, as previously mentioned, at five hours a day, plus living with a Mexican family, I should be fluent in no time, yes? Oh reality, you are a harsh mistress. My initial thoughts were: sure, I’ll have some problems at the start, but they’ll be easily […]


Playa Del Carmen + Vegas, part 2

A night out in Playa Del Carmen So, I covered a bit about what 5th ave is like, but things change when the sun goes down.  You go from this: To this: Crossroads (quick video I took early in the night) or this (walkaround from someone, […]


Livin’ la vida Mexicano

Part of my planning for living abroad yet being frugal was to rent a room with locals. This, I figured, would be perfect: I get to save money, and improve my Spanish by speaking with the people I live with on a regular basis. So, […]


Spanish lessons

I’ve been to Mexico before.  I loved it.  That’s probably not a big surprise, ’cause here I am starting my adventure in Mexico.  So, let’s move on. The main thing I wanted to do on coming here was to learn Spanish.  Well, okay, I also […]


PDC with a Vegas spin

As promised, a bit of a tour of PDC in it’s most touristy and Vegas-inspired form: 5th ave. So, as my wise Elder sibling (Elder Wanker) has become fond of saying, this is where the Tourons go.  For those of you not familiar with the word […]


A note about tequila

So, I’m working on a summary of my first few days in PDC.  However, I have certainly chosen to sample two things that Mexico is famous for: tacos and tequila. Tacos are pretty much universally held as “awesome”.  Seriously, find me someone who hates tacos, […]


Meebus the travel monkey

If you have never been to Playa Del Carmen (PDC), then there are couple things you should know: You really should fix that problem.  It’s freaking paradise.  And- There are two PDC’s.  The Las Vegas-ified area on Calle 5 (5th street), and the rest of […]


Final preparations

Thursday.  My last day in the states.  Filled with finalizing last minute things: Health coverage (the paperwork nightmare must end!) Malaria pills (wish I could just pack one of those mosquito-zapping lasers) Hep A and B round-2 shots Handing off the car to Fashion Athlete Seeing […]

Wow.  Worldwide warhammer.

Wow. Worldwide warhammer.

So, my friend Shawn has constructed a life for himself that most of us growing up dreamed of, then promptly discarded in order to be “responsible” and “grown up”.  He basically does wargamming and figure painting for a living.  In addition, he puts up videos […]