Plannin’ to be Trippin’

The Travel Plan


It’s only after you lost everything, that you’re free to do anything. (thanks to Chuck P for the quote)

So, let’s say you’ve quit your job, left your apartment, and become basically homeless and unemployed.  This prepares you to take off and go pretty much anywhere, right?  So where to go?  Well, after the oh-so-exotic locales in Oregon (Portland and Jacksonville) which I so wisely chose as my initial stops, the world is your oyster.  Which is pretty gross, if you think about it, so let’s just move on.

My travel plans are mapped out below, though I’m pretty sure they will undergo pretty significant changes as the weeks roll on.

travel map

First change: I had initially planned to be Phoenix for St. Paddy’s day to see Flogging Molly, but due to scheduling issues with Playa Del Carmen, that’s right out.  Next change: Now taking votes on how this might play out:

  1. Upon learning Spanish and ingesting more tacos than the human body should, I am either unwilling or unable to leave Mexico.
  2. The beauty and warmth of Spain seduces me into staying there indefinitely.
  3. After 2 weeks of living abroad I panic and come home, begging for my old job back.
  4. The pull of Australia is too strong, I forego my Europe fixation and travel to the land of G’day.
  5. After revising my budget, I find that if I rent a hut in Uruguay, I can live this life indefinitely.  I become a 3rd world beach bum and drink mojito’s all day, every day.

 Any and all of those are possible.  The only thing for sure if that I’ll be landing in Mexico in one week, studying Spanish for five hours a day, five days a week.

And tacos.  Tacos are a sure thing.

10 thoughts on “Plannin’ to be Trippin’

  1. Three things:
    1. What’s the first rule of Fight Club?
    2. You meant ‘free’.
    3. It is not appropriate to follow up your post about fear stopping people from their life’s ambition with #3 in your list of possible outcomes above. Cut that shit out. Now.
    – Your editor

    1. Gracias, senor editor.
      1 – The first rule was “bring your own orange slices, you mom won’t be here.”
      2 – free… what? Where?
      3 – duly noted, shit has been properly cut out.

  2. Playa Del Carmon is great! Our favorite restaurant was La Cueva del Chango, it’s off the beaten path a tiny bit and made the best breakfast. Also try the Tuna with hibiscus reduction, omg good!
    Get over to Talum and take the trip to Chichenitza, but don’t take the tours if you can help it , they don’t give you time to really explore and they stop at meh places to try to get you to spend money.
    Best tourist trap was Xplor, zip lines, and cave exploration, it was great fun!
    I hope you have a blast!

  3. Just looking at that map, is that Barcelona you’re planning to go to in Spain ? People in that region (Catalonia) can sometimes be reluctant to speak spanish for nationalist reasons. Though I’m sure they’ll recognize you as a tourist. Just a warning.

    1. Yep, Barcelona has always been on my dream list, so that’s the target. I’m trying to learn Spanish so I’m not a typical “stupid American” over there, and I’ll try to pick up at least some basic Catalan words (hello, please, thank you). Any other tips on how to get along there? Thanks for the warning!

  4. Svalbard? You’re going to Svalbard?? I assume that it’s for the sheer adventuresomeness of it, but why there in particular? Polar bears, glaciers, bragging rights? I’m reading a great book right now about various Arctic plants, animals, people, issues, called “Arctic Dreams.” Are you going by boat or by plane?

    1. Blame my friend Ilana. It’s an arctic cruise she went on an highly recommended. 10 day boat tour around the vast frozen expanses. Kayaking around glaciers (if there are any left). Seems like this might be only time in my life where I would go do something like this, so I might as well do it.

  5. Don’t stress out too much about speaking Catalan in Barcelona. There have been so many people from other parts of Spain moving in that often the residents don’t speak any, either.

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