Wow. Worldwide warhammer.

So, my friend Shawn has constructed a life for himself that most of us growing up dreamed of, then promptly discarded in order to be “responsible” and “grown up”.  He basically does wargamming and figure painting for a living.  In addition, he puts up videos that are 100% authentic Shawn all the way through; this is the guy I hung out with growing up, just with a few more gray hairs.

Yesterday he mentioned this blog in one of his videos, and put a link to this on his facebook wall.  Now, since I put up this blog I’ve looked each day to see how many people visit it, and where everyone is from.  It’s been a pretty steady view: 99% US, 1 person up in Canada (hi sis!), and the occasional UK visitor.

After Shawn mentioned this blog, the entire map lit up.  Australia, Scandinavia  Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Iceland, Argentina, Brazil, and it just keeps going.

I now think Shawn is the epicenter of the world.  Or the Internet at least.  He speaks, and the world moves with him.

So: Hi folks!  Thanks for checking this out!  I want to come visit each and every one of you and your countries.  Might not be able to, but hey, one can dream.  And after all, if my childhood friend can come to rule the Internet through painting Warhammer figures and making videos, anything is possible, right?

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