Meebus the travel monkey

If you have never been to Playa Del Carmen (PDC), then there are couple things you should know:

  1. You really should fix that problem.  It’s freaking paradise.  And-
  2. There are two PDC’s.  The Las Vegas-ified area on Calle 5 (5th street), and the rest of it.

I figure to do proper justice to PDC, I should fully explore both sides.  So I will sample everything Playa Del Vegas has to offer on weekends, and explore the “real” PDC the rest of the week.  Fair?  I thought so.

First, however, I must introduce you to my traveling companion: Meebus.


Meebus wasn’t always a travel monkey.  No, he started his career as a beer monkey.  Last summer, my friend BC arranged for a bunch of us to pile into a van and hit up every Seattle brewery we could in one day.  Meebus joined us and quickly became the group mascot.


However, he has given up his beery ways and opted for a life of travel.  So you’ll be seeing him from time to time.  It’s a good life, Meebus.  Enjoy it.

Quick recommendation if you do come to PDC and wish to be close to all the action: The Hotel Illusion is a cool little boutique place with the absolute friendliest people ever.  It’s right off of 5th, super close to the beach, and small enough that within a day everyone knows you by name.  Plus, they make you towel elephants:


Caveat: I added the hat. I’m artistic like that.

More to come, but right now I need to insert tacos into my mouth.

11 thoughts on “Meebus the travel monkey

  1. Did Meebus get to rid the Elephant? It seems to me that an elephant ride would be awfully fun for a beer/travel monkey!

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