A note about tequila


So, I’m working on a summary of my first few days in PDC.  However, I have certainly chosen to sample two things that Mexico is famous for: tacos and tequila.

Tacos are pretty much universally held as “awesome”.  Seriously, find me someone who hates tacos, and I’ll show you someone that tastes only bitterness where others taste joy.  However; tequila, I feel, has gotten a bad rap.  When most people think of tequila, they think of it akin to pouring a burning porcupine down your throat which will then do horrible and unmentionable things to your insides and cause you do things you will likely regret but not remember.

This is not an undeserved reputation.


However!  It doesn’t need to be this way.  A few things to know about tequila:

  • If you are slamming a shot down in-between licking some salt and biting a lime, you are either drinking VERY bad tequila (I’m looking at you, Jose), or just doing it wrong.
  • If you are drinking your tequila in one big gulp, you are missing out on some great flavors.
  • There is a way to drink tequila and actually enjoy the taste instead of trying to kill the burn you experience.

So, next time you find yourself with friends and someone starts yelling “woooooo tequila shots woooooo”, sit your friend down (might be difficult, he sounds excitable), explain to him that if you are going to do tequila you are going to do it like you are NOT in your first year of college (even if you are).  Then you take these steps:

  1. Order a good tequila.  There are all kinds of “premium” tequilas, and expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.  A good one to get started with is Don Julio Silver (Blanco).
  2. Do not take lime and salt, simply pick up your tequila and drink it (I sip, but you might want to just have the whole thing).  However, this next step is the crucial part:
  3. Once you drink, do not open your mouth.  Instead: swallow, breath in through your nose, then out through your mouth.  You will feel all the “burn” go out through your mouth and you’ll be left with a pleasantly rich flavor from the tequila, and not the eye-watering 3rd degree burn down the throat experience.
  4. Take a moment to weep for all the wasted times in your misspent youth that you did this wrong.  Forgive your youthful self, the young are often foolish.  Realize that it’s a whole new world now.  Rejoice.

Once you try this and find that you actually CAN enjoy tequila, then you can branch out to all kinds of other tequilas.  There’s a lot of difference between blanco, reposado and anejo, so you’ve got a whole bunch of exploring to do.

Don Julio


11 thoughts on “A note about tequila

      1. Jose is good at making margaritas and distracting the guy that’s yelling “wooooo” so that he doesn’t kill the bottle of good tequila one salty shot at a time.

        Let’s face it Korey. You’re not going to convert that guy. Your best bet is to toss out a bottle of Jose as a decoy, point, laugh, and then give him endless grief in a loud voice the next day.

      2. it really is all about timing. The Jose comes out first and you let the sprinters get out of the gate. Then open the good stuff for those that know tequila. Great write up…but do you have some preferred parings? What is your best Tequila w/ Tacos for dinner?

  1. I know this might be impossible but have you tasted any new tequilas in your short visit? Any that you’d add your top five? This is supposed to be an adventure after all, I hope you have been trying some of the local flavors.

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