PDC with a Vegas spin

As promised, a bit of a tour of PDC in it’s most touristy and Vegas-inspired form: 5th ave.

So, as my wise Elder sibling (Elder Wanker) has become fond of saying, this is where the Tourons go.  For those of you not familiar with the word “Tourons”, that’s because he made it up by combining “Tourists” with “Morons”, and as you walk the street, you will see some fine examples of this species.  Sadly, he and I have had to count ourselves among them from time to time.


5th ave is a straight strip with palm trees and lovely little shops selling food or local handicrafts.  The street is bright, beautiful, and welcoming.  As any good tourist place should be.


Except over the last couple years this has become more overrun with shiny upscale stores, or stores that sell meaningless trinkets:


Also, the street vendors have gotten more aggressive:

“Hey amigo, you want to buy a hat?”

“No?  Cuban cigars?”

“How about some weed.  You wanna get high?  Some nose candy?  How about my belt?  A dead rhino?  Some dirt?  You wanna buy a mayan temple?  Maybe my shoe?  How about this tree?  Come on, gringo, something.  SOMETHING.”

However, know that all it not lost: 5th ave has some excellent places in eat, drink, and listen to live music.  Grabbing a seat and a drink to watch the people walk by can be an entertaining way to pass the time.  There are a lot of them:

Truthfully, the Elder and I spent several days entertaining ourselves on Fifth. It’s a great walk from one end to the other, lots to see, and lots of options for mass consumption. If you are up for nightlife, you won’t get better here than the intersection of 5th and 12th. That’s probably a post on it’s own.

Just know this: if you stay on 5th, you are paying gringo prices. If you go even one block inland, the price of a taco (this is my Standard Mexico Unit of Measurement) goes from 250 – 300 pesos to around 100. That’s, like, 80 cents. And the quality inland goes up, too. So, yeah, take that under advisement.

5 thoughts on “PDC with a Vegas spin

  1. For a moment there, while looking at your photo of Tourons on 5th, I thought I had jumped pages to People of Walmart. Nice mullet!

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