Fiesta on a Tuesday?

“Gracias por la invitacion, pero me muy cansado”  (translation: thanks for the invite, but I’m very tired.)  This is how I feel every afternoon, probably from a combination of trying to force foreign verbs through my blood-brain barrier, and the humidity of the day that just seems to sap ambition, leaving me longing for my favorite Spanish word: Siesta.

However, this time I was attempting to explain to a couple guys who work with my new housemate why I would not be joining them for the party tonight.  The two guys, both Lithuanian, who are local tour guides by day, were joining Elisabeth for a friend’s birthday party right up the street from us.

Lithuanian #1 “I know what you mean.  The heat just takes it out of you.”

#2: “That’s why I drink rum”

#1 “but you have to keep drinking rum.  Here, have some”

Note to self: Lithuanians, it appears, are trouble.

However, one can’t argue with results: a little bit of rum and coke and I was in a much better state of mind to join a bunch of strangers for a birthday celebration.  The party took place in their friend’s back yard, which was just 3 blocks from the house.

Note: awesome thing about Playa: you can (and do) walk everywhere.

Have I mentioned how beautiful and amazing the trees here are?

With huge, tubular trunks that lead to broad, thick round leaves, and vines that drape down from I-don’t-know-where, they make you feel like you are smack dab in the middle of the jungle.  This yard had a few excellent (and large) examples, with trunks too large to reach around and vines that hung down to the ground in thick, frayed ropes. To sit under them in the dark on a warm night with a drink in your hand and music playing is something else.  Peaceful. Tranquil.

While at the party, I spoke in varying English and (severely) broken Spanish to:
3 Mexicans
2 Spaniards
1 Holland(aise?)
1 Canadian (Quebec, to be specific.)
2 Lithuanians (of course)
1 German
1 Parisian
and a few others who’s nationality I forget. Overall a fantastic night, and very relaxing party, and a great array of countries represented with everyone just enjoying the company.

The big takeaway for me from this party:

Having but a single language shuts you out of so many people, cultures, and points of view. Just having one more language at your disposal opens up the potential for communication many times over. It’s worth the work you must put into it.

Oh, and one other takeaway: one of Mexican guys brought a bottle of tequila from his home town. It was fabulous. I took a picture just to help me remember it in case I ever run into it again:


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