PDC Security, and more about towels

PDC is a generally happy, content kind of place.  However, you will also often see trucks of “Policia Nationalidad” patrolling the streets, especially the tourist areas, with full automatic weapons and body armor.  It’s a little disconcerting.

Also, while the people are very open and inviting, and the town feels very safe and friendly, if you look close you’ll see that there are interesting security measures being taken.  For example, there are lots of metal gates on doors and windows.

Also, you’ll occasionally find a business or two that protects themselves with barbed wire. You won’t see this in the tourist area because, well, it just looks less than inviting:

Prison? Nope. Just your average office building.

And for those houses that feel like they would like an extra layer of security, there’s this:

A wall around a house. Doesn’t seem to fearsome.

“But wait” you may say, “what is that, just a wall with some junk on it? Nay, fair traveler. This is broken glass cemented onto the top of the wall.

We would very much appreciate you not climbing on our wall. Thanks.

So, yeah, there are some exceptions to the “pretty safe, open, and friendly” vibe.

In completely other news, when I posted about my towel situation, the world rallied to support me in my hour of need. Well, by “world” I mean two people, and by “need”, I mean they are interested in keeping me out of Mexican jails under indecent exposure charges.

The Bloke sent me a travel towel all the way from China:


And The Fashion Athlete sent me not just one travel towel, but also two small pucks that, when wetted, expand to become washcloths.  Awesome.

towel carrying back and washcloth puck.
Washcloth enlarged to show texture

When they mailed these we discovered a couple things:

  1. mail, apparently, travels via burro in Mexico. Delivery times were quoted as being up to 3 weeks to deliver.
  2. China can, evidently, ship things here faster than Seattle. Interesting. I have no theories on that.

5 thoughts on “PDC Security, and more about towels

  1. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but I have now realized it was the Spirit of Douglas Adams that sent this to me recently:

    I think he wanted you to have it.

  2. The Bloke sayeth, “Though your towel may have been ordered from Beijing, it was sourced, packed, and shipped, poste haste, via Amazon.com.” Editorial corrections may hereby be necessary. Dry on.

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