Chasing waterfalls

The shortest line between two points is always a straight (boring) line.

From Palenque, the next destination is San Christobal, high in the mountains of Mexico (yes Mexico has mountains, who knew?).  Now, you’ve got options: get on a bus that takes you up the winding path directly to the destination, or opt for the slower route with several stops, seeing some spectacular things along the way.

Not a shocking guess which option we chose.

In this case, the spectacular things took the form of waterfalls.  The first was a 150 meter tall cascade called “Misol Ha”.

Rather Pretty
Stalactite action! Forming before your eyes! Just, very slowly.
Water carves straight through the rock.
Hm…. Tall….
Ooo, you can walk behind it!
Strangely looks tiny from behind. Trick of the light?


Tree roots. Just, you know, hangin’.
This is my MIGHTY pose.
The water comes straight through the rock. Neat.

However, the water was a bit… murky. We didn’t feel like diving in, and we actually didn’t have that much time there before we saddled up in the bus and continued on.

Next stop: Cascade Aqua Azul. It’s name implied that the water might be a little less murky. A little more hospitable. A little more, well, BLUE. Turns out it didn’t lie. The bus let’s you off near a ramshackle little restaurant (which, really, I’ve come to expect that most things in Mexico are ramshackle). The parking lot gives way to a larger parking lot, beyond which the first traces of water begin:

Main swimming area
Bottom of the falls. Pictures don’t do the water justice, here.
What the falls lack in height, they make up for in quantity.
My god, the water. Did I mention it is beautiful?
View from near the top.
Cup of mango. This is an excellent idea that needs to catch on world-wide.
Swimming hole. Awesome.

The water was shockingly cold, but the day was also blisteringly hot, so it worked out fine. Diving into the water to jolt your body into full wakefulness, then sunning yourself on a rock for a few minutes, then repeating the process proved to be an excellent way to spend an hour or so.

Eventually we had to bid farewell to Aqua Azul as well:

WP_000429 WP_000446 WP_000436 WP_000434 WP_000439

After which the bus dropped us on the side of the road where we would wait to get picked up by another bus. Strange how one comes to just accept on faith that you aren’t being dropped on the side of the Mexico wilderness and you’ll never see civilization again. Sure enough, the bus came along in about 10 minutes to whisk us off to San Cristobal.

And that deserves it’s own write-up. But it is worth mentioning: San Cristobal is in the hills, high enough for a large temperature drop. After weeks of complaining about the heat, I’m now sleeping with a blanket over me at night. Such luxury. I’m pretty durn happy with this turn of events, even if it means I have no beach for the moment.

Next: San Cristobal and the Sumidero Canyon (sounds like an awesome 80’s adventure flick, no?)

5 thoughts on “Chasing waterfalls

  1. So, it almost hit 70 here today, and there was sun, so I am less bitey and less stabby, but in no way, less jealous. I am so glad you are on this adventure, and feel fortunate you share it with us.

    1. I’m not sure I can accurately picture a less bitey / stabby Stacie, but I’ll do my best to let my imagination run with that one. Thanks for reading, and I won’t try to downplay the fact that every day is pretty much amazing.

  2. Yes it was an awesome trip!! More days and amazing experiences ahead :)) mañana we are going to DF!! 😉

  3. Wow, my life feels so provincial. Today, I’m going grocery shopping and to the bank. Hm, how can I make that more adventurous sounding? Today, I’m going grocery shopping and the bank…in Beijing!

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