Month: May 2013

Broken in Barcelona

I’ve always had pretty pathetic stories to go along with injuries.  Example: in middle school I broke my nose by colliding backstage during a play with the state wrestling champion.  I bounced off of him and my nose swelled up so quickly it didn’t even […]


Out in Barcelona: Tibidabo

I originally set out to see Parc Guell. However, on getting off the metro I didn’t see signs for the park anywhere, but I did look up the mountain and see the spires of a large edifice that has taunted me from afar since I […]



Many years ago, when I was working on Forza 3, we decided to make a “crown jewel” track for our game to use as a showcase of beauty, racing, and just general awesomeness. Since this track would be our visual showcase, we wanted it to be a fictional […]


Trippin in Barcelona

After my less-than-awesome introduction to Barcelona, I felt we should try again. Seeing as how we got off on the wrong foot, I allowed that perhaps Barcelona was just in a bad mood that day, and perhaps I was as well, so we both shook […]

Travel Karma may have run out

Travel Karma may have run out

After a fabulous night out in Valencia, I slept until 10:30, checked out of my hostel on time at 11 am, and walked in the glorious sunshine to my car. I had already reserved a hostel in Barcelona, and I’ve been dreaming about spending time […]



I rolled into Valencia about 7pm. Now, I was feeling rather confident this time because my computer-acquired directions showed that my hostel was on a main road smack in the middle of town, unlike before when it was in some back alley with no name. […]


Malaga, Granada.

Leaving Sevilla was much easier than getting there (meaning I only got lost and turned around twice, and didn’t end up in any scary narrow alleys). In short order I was on the road to Malaga. One of the benefits of driving instead of taking […]


Seville. No barber in site

I’ll be honest: I had hoped to have some Bugs flashbacks in Seville. No dice. What I was greeted with first thing in the morning, was a lot of bulls. Bulls pulling carts. Turns out this was a parade of sorts. People were dressed in […]


Driving in Spain

I’m driving with two wheels up on the sidewalk with no room between the edge of my car and tables set out with chairs and diners in the narrow alley. Spaniards move around the car to get by as I try to eke my way […]


Madrid was made for walking.

I have done a lot of walking in Madrid. A LOT of walking. Which is good for a couple reasons: It’s a city that seems pretty well made for walking with all the twisty and narrow cobbled streets. The amount of eating I’m doing necessitates some […]

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