Playa Oddities.

During my stay at Playa, I’ve found a few things that seem to beg comment, but never really fit into any full write-up for an individual topic.  So, on my last day here I’ll just throw them all out here in no particular order and with no particular theme.

First off: much of the advertising is done with very “American” or “European” looking models.  This is true on billboards as well as on TV.

Shiny happy non-Hispanic.

For a while this didn’t even register for me because I’m basically used to these visuals.  But I have to think that being a Mexican and seeing these ads every day must seem a bit “off”, no?  Why not use Mexicans in the ads?

Right, next topic: aliens.  In the US, there are many people who debate whether UFOs are real or not. Apparently they are, they are here in Mexico, they are solar-powered, and they are masquerading as traffic signals imbedded in streets:

The aliens are here. And they want us to drive safely.

Perhaps Steven Spielberg should come here to get material for his next big sci-fi flick.  Compelling stuff, Steven!

Moving on: a few things found in parking garages: in some you’ll find barrels to “use in case of fire”. Do they mean you throw the burning thing in there? Cover it with the barrel? Throw the barrel at it?

Use in case of fire. Is this a common occurrence?

Also, this random sign amused me because the literal word for a two-headed spout is “Siamese”. Perhaps I’m just weird that I find that funny.

This imbedded the Siamese Cat song from Lady and the Tramp in my head every morning.

Perhaps Mexicans are as amused at things in U.S. parking garages as well?

As for food: I’ve had a lot of tacos in my time here. I’ve been hunting for a truly special taco.  I’m not sure I want to brave these tacos though, given their headline.

I don’t want to know how this works

Lastly, blockbuster is still a thing here. Who knew?

And with that, I’m off to Spain.  The plan is: Madrid from May 7th through 14th, then rent a car and drive to Sevilla, Grenada, Valencia, and finally Barcelona.  While in Barcelona I will, of course, have to check out Ibiza.  I mean, it’s not even really optional, is it?

However, as with everything on this trip, reality may veer sharply away from the proposed plan.  Viva la inesperado!

5 thoughts on “Playa Oddities.

  1. Regarding the tacos, I can confirm that it is only the soft tacos that deliver on that headline. At least, that’s what my friends who know about these things tell me. What?!!?

  2. The Siamese bit actually kind of makes sense. After all, Siamese twins are joined together. I’m just glad my Siamese cat isn’t a Siamese twin. She has enough complications as it is.

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