Seville. No barber in site

I’ll be honest: I had hoped to have some Bugs flashbacks in Seville. No dice.

What I was greeted with first thing in the morning, was a lot of bulls. Bulls pulling carts.

Not exactly the running of the bulls. More like plodding.
What they lack in speed they make up for in numbers.
People ride on these 2nd story wagons.

Turns out this was a parade of sorts. People were dressed in traditional garb, the procession went for many blocks, and there were bands playing on the street corners. I, however, needed to get to my car so I could get a change of clothes and some toiletries, so I didn’t stay to appreciate the festivities.

On returning to the hostel, and after getting myself some breakfast, I set out to explore the town.  This was immediately thwarted by a massive deluge of rain.

Nice building, so pretty. Wait, are those clouds about to do what I think…

So it was that I only got out to see the city after about 6 or so.

But what a city. Yow.

The walkway on the river.
Old naval tower along the river. Sadly you can’t go in it.
Plaza del Toros. No bullfight today.

The city has recycling bins set up all over town, which helps explain its cleanliness. However, they weren’t content to just set these bins up, they had them decorated by artists:

Hungry for your bottles.
Not sure what this has to do with recycling, but it’s pretty.
Close-up of my favorite one along San Jacinto.

There is a super impressive cathedral in the town center. It’s the third largest church in the world. I would have loved to go inside, but it is closed for renovation.

The front.
The architecture is amazing.
Impressive cathedral.
Sweet tower. Can’t get into the courtyard due to renovations.

Further on in the town center, is the Plaza Mayor. I can’t overstate how awesome this thing is. I was completely unprepared to run into something so modern and curvaceous in the middle of historic Spanish architecture. The juxtaposition is impressive and outstanding.

Errr. Awesome.
I could spend hours here. I think I may have.
Scale model. Guess what, you can go up in the hollow parts!
So I did!
View from the top.
More from the top. Seville is pretty flat, so this lone skyscraper they are building in the distance really stands out.
Pedestrian walkway on the roof.
Also: it’s built on top of ancient ruins.

So that’s my experience of Seville. I wandered around and took more pictures, but I get the feeling that I’m going to be seeing the kind of streets, alleys, and shops all over Europe, so I won’t spew them up here.

Although this amused me:

Spanish for Free Willie?

Okay, so I’m a dork. But we knew this.  Also, I had no sleep last night due to the symphony of snoring.  Tonight I am armed with earplugs.  Bring it, people.

So: Seville. Beautiful. Would love to spend more time here. But now I’m off to Granada and Malaga. Adventure awaits! Farewell Seville.



4 thoughts on “Seville. No barber in site

  1. Oh, wow–only one night in Seville? That seems like a crime. I wonder what the parade was for, because it seemed like a sugar coated candy nightmare with all the whites and brights. Love the modern building–it almost appears like it was made of bamboo–or possibly Stargate replicators. Wait, too much geek?
    Will you be going to Bilbao? I have a poster of the Guggenheim there, designed by the same guy who made the EMP. They got the better building.

    1. Well, technically 2 nights. But only one full day. And yes, it’s not enough. I will probably feel the same about my brief touch-downs in Malaga, Granada, and Valencia as well. Too many awesome places. I hadn’t planned on Bilbao, it’s far north in Basque country. But then, that’s only because I hadn’t read much about it or been recommended to it yet. Considering adding to the itinerary now…

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