Trippin in Barcelona

After my less-than-awesome introduction to Barcelona, I felt we should try again. Seeing as how we got off on the wrong foot, I allowed that perhaps Barcelona was just in a bad mood that day, and perhaps I was as well, so we both shook hands, put on our best behavior, and spent some quality time together.

A good thing, too. One can (and should) spend a lot of time exploring Barcelona. I started at the obvious place: the beach:

Once again to the Mediterranean!

The beach scene is lovely, though it doesn’t really hold up well if compared to Playa Del Carmen (but what will, really?). There is a large and active beachfront with lots of restaurants and shops. There’s even a mall which sells all manner of things.  For example, maybe you need to get new hair?

Yep. Hair.

Also, in this mall there is a for-pay restroom, which is pretty much the nicest example of one that I’ve ever seen. There’s a maid in there to direct you on which room to use, and you can use your receipt for 10% off something you purchase as a keepsake from their store. Yep, a bathroom with a store.

The first restroom with it’s own giftshop I’ve ever seen.

However, back to the beach! They are busy constructing a large sandcastle of sorts. I’ve been back here a number of times, and each day they make steady progress against it. There are intricate details carved in, and it’s all made from the sand on the beach.

Construction of sand castle. What happens when it rains, though?

Walking around more, you get lovely views of the downtown port area.

The port is rather nice.

And there are lots of cool buildings, both historic and modern.

Not sure what the point of this building is, but it’s certainly got a lot of solar.
Lots of cool buildings to see
Like all good Spanish cities, they’ve got a lotta parks.

I wanted to see a really good view of the town, so I and a few guys from the hostel decided to take the cable cars off of Montjuic, and while we were there we might as well see the castle too. To get there, we had to walk through all manner of cool parks and buildings, including the old Olympic stadium:

Olympic Stadium recovering from the X-games.

Once up in the cable car that takes you to the castle, you get a good view of how sprawling Barcelona is.

The view
As I’ve said: Barcelona is big.
Really big.
On the way to the castle

The castle itself is pretty fantastic. Reading up on it, you run into some very enlightening facts, such as this description from one of the tourist sites for Barcelona:

It was primarily used to repress the people during two centuries. Repression of the anarchists in the XIX century and prison for the political prisoners under Franco. In 1940 Lluis Companys was executed here.

So that’s fun.  Nowadays is seems to primarily be housing for many large cannons.

Meebus declares war
These guns look like they are still ready to do some damage
The castle has a lovely view of the industrial park.
Top o’ the castle to ya, laddie.
Very well cared for castle.
It’s a castle. It’s big.
More guns. There are a lot of them here.
Archery practice! At a castle! I kept waiting for jousting practice, but was sadly disappointed.
Oh look, more guns.

Eventually we’d seen all we wanted to of castles and guns. So, you can wander down the mountain to a second cable car that will take you over the city and down to the port / beach area.

Heading out on another cable car.
Saves a lot of walking.
Yet again, lovely views of the industrial areas.
Now THAT’S a yacht.
Canoeing past the cruise ship.

So, say you enjoy all the cable cars, but you want to really see the city at the ground level. No worries, biking is EXCELLENT in Barcelona, and there are bikes everywhere.

This town was made for biking.

That rack is for residents though. You need some form of electronic card, then you just take a bike from this station and (presumably) leave it at whatever station you are biking to. Since we don’t have these mythical cards, We opted to rent bikes from one of the many tourist bike rentals. Note: these bikes are not messing around. They are basically the 2-wheeled equivalent of a Sherman Tank. If you get hit by a car riding one of these orange behemoths, the car will be destroyed.

The peloton gathers

Alternatively, you may want to visit many places that would be awkward by bike, such as places with many (many) steps. Barcelona is also excellent for meanderers.

A great city for walking
Random naked torch man

Also, there are many art museums worth checking out. One deserving of a special callout is The National Art Museum of Catalonia, housed in a giant freaking Palace.

There are many fountains. Meebus approves.
The Palace in front
Palace from Behind

In addition to all the marvelous sights, you will run into a few questionable ones. For example, this item found in a back alley of the major shopping district called “Las Ramblas”:

Jedi statue?

Regardless, at the end of the day, it’s best to unwind with a little sip o’ the local:

Oh sangria, I don’t want to quit you.

One last thing to leave you with: the Sagrada Familia deserves it’s own post. A quick peek though:

Holy moley of awesomeness.

3 thoughts on “Trippin in Barcelona

    1. Yeah, I’m similarly evaluating places with an eye to residency. Mexico is probably right out, even though the living expenses would be quite doable. Many places in Spain are pretty attractive. Valencia and Barcelona especially for me.

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