Month: July 2013

Cashless in the UK

Upon returning to civilization from the arctic, I discovered that my debit card had become a non-functioning piece of plastic, instead of the magic money-spewing device I had been enjoying for my entire trip. My first inkling of this was while I was still on board the […]


No Dark Thirty

“We are sitting in a bar on a ship, drinking a beer in the middle of the arctic, while a Philippino cover band busts out ‘Country Roads’ by John Denver.  What.” This was uttered to me by my erstwhile travel companion, Hate, as a reality check.  It […]


Amster-done. Now: what’s next?

Wow, my planned time on this trip is getting short. I have plans through August, but September will see me at the end. What’s next? First: a few parting thoughts on Amsterdam: The city is fabulous.  Easily one of my favorite European cities.  Take time […]


Defining Amsterdam

A few more odds and ends from my Amsterdam wanderings and musings. First off, they might be pretty darn serious about their flowers, as mentioned previously, as well as their ice cream, but they are also equally serious about cheese. And I can’t fault them […]


Amsterdam wanderings

Okay kids, we’ve got a lot to go over, and all of it in pictures. Comfy? Good, we’ll dive right in. In my last post I kind of laid into the Dutch language a bit. I feel I should expound upon that some. For instance, […]


Amsterdam is ontzagwekkende

After taking it easy in London, hobbling around as best I could, my foot is potentially well enough to embark on travel again (although still strapped into a moonboot).  Holland is a quick flight and is reportedly very easy to get around in, so it makes […]