Land of Haggis

A few more days in Edinburgh, a few more experiences.

I continued to walk about six miles a day, so my blister didn’t really heal until I was laid up in bed (more on that in a minute). Now, a wise(r) man might have availed himself of the public bus system, but each day as I set out, the massive blood blister SEEMED like it was all good, and the weather was just lovely, and I really need to get some strength back in my leg / foot after being out of action for so long…

Yeah, after the first mile the blister would quietly inform me: “‘sup?”

At which point it was only one more mile before I got to town proper. Maybe if I walk a little bit differently I can keep the blister from reforming. I’ll just put extra weight on my heel…

By end of day, with a full-on blister from wandering the streets in a strange hop-limp, I would admit defeat and just trudge home, reasoning that strengthening my leg / foot was what I needed to do to get my gait back to normal and this remove this whole massive blister / limp thing going on.

As a result of this I never made it up the Scott Memorial, as advised by YamAdventures Inc. Next time…

However, I did learn a lot about local food supply. For instance, you may run into many dishes that offer “neeps and tatties”. My initial reaction, that this was some veiled and lurid offer better reserved in a den of ill repute, was easily corrected by my de-facto tour guide, the most excellent host: Industrial.

Learn the lingo, people.

Turns out this is mashed turnips and potatoes. Seems innocuous enough.

But come on Edinburgh: what’s with all the haggis? Haven’t you gotten the message that this is a “joke” food for the rest of the world? Like Lutefisk or limburger cheese? Why are you putting it on everything?

How about: NO.
  • Also seen:
    Haggis offered at every late-night shop, along with Kebab, hamburger, and pizza. Your 3am dining options are numerous in Scotland.
  • Haggis sandwich. ’cause everything is better between two slices of bread?
  • Haggis pizza. Not making this up, people.

However, if you are to stomach down some haggis, you might need to have a bit of liquid courage to help you face that pile of assorted Sheep parts. Luckily, Scotland’s got you well covered here.

Cocktails by the pitcher. Seems like a fine idea.

What you see in the above picture is a Dark and Stormy. A *pitcher* of dark and stormy. I felt a little like Merry (or was it Pippin).

Also, grocery stores there sell pancakes.  Wrapped up in little packages.  Yep, just a little ol’ stack of pancakes.  Looked a bit lonely without a side cup of maple syrup.  But hey: for 24 hour access to pancakes, I’m not sure anyone is complaining.

24 hour access to pancakes. No cooking or cleanup required.

Saw a few more shows in the Fringe Festival. Some not worth mentioning, a couple that are.

The Horne Section ended up being a fantastic free-style mash of music and comedy. Super entertaining and unpredictable. Fantastic to see musicians free-associate along with a comedian who just made stuff up on the spot and do it so well. Highly recommended, and it looks like they tour all over the place.

Unexpected collision of music and humor

There was also a fantastic Cirque-show with some impressive shows of strength and contortion. Can’t find a link to them though and don’t know if they tour, so that’s not too helpful.

Lastly, walking around at 2am in Edinburgh is blissfully peaceful. Even with a massive blister:

Castle at night.

Subnote: One of Industrial’s friends cooked dinner one night. Steak and veggies , everything was arranged just so on the plate, by hand.

Dug in, super tasty.

The friend then mentioned in passing about some potential infection, a “tickle” in the back of the throat.

I stare in horror at the bare hands that have been so artfully arranging the food, and despair. The following morning I wake up with a “tickle” at the back of my throat.

Down for at least a day. But my blister healed.

10 thoughts on “Land of Haggis

    1. I love Edinburgh similarly. Fantastic place: large enough to be constantly fascinating, small enough to be friendly and approachable, easy to get out to the country, but all the comforts of city life if you want it. So much history, and the people are just wonderful.

      Deep fried mars bar? But… I thought only us Americans did such reprehensible things with vats of grease? Oh dear.

      1. That’s one of the things I love most about’re never too far away from a loch, river or the coastline. And I must say, the coastlines are spectacular. I would love to visit the small islands surrounding Scotland such as Arran and Skye. That’s were mine and my sisters middle names originated from.

        And yes, deep fried mars bar – you thought wrong! I think the American influence has made its way overseas..:p

  1. Please tell me you drank that pitcher of Dark and Stormy straight out of said pitcher. I’ll be disappointed if you had help or used a glass.

    1. The basics are Dark Rum, Ginger Beer and (hotly contested as either required or optional) lime. People add other things, like bitters, but that’s the basics. ’tis yummy.

      Daiquiris in gallon milk jugs screams N’awlins.

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