Month: September 2013


In February, I walked out of the Amazon offices and into unemployment.  It was uneventful for a last day: I’d turned in my badge, saved off documentation for the people taking over my role, and since most everyone I worked with was in California, I […]


Recruiting done right.

I’ve interviewed at many companies in my career.  I’ve also done a lot of hiring and recruiting myself.  My recent experience with Nike has shown me how wrong everyone else is going about this. Back in July I briefly talked to a friend at Nike […]


Paripetetic in Prague

Landing in Prague, I was greeted by blue skies and crisp air; a beautiful late summer day. I was tired from Paris, and promptly went to my hostel, got my bunk, and fell asleep. The following day I decided to take in the town by […]

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Second honeymoon. In Paris.

Honeymoon! The height of romantic dedication, a celebration of the joining of two souls together, a mark of the glorious beginning of two lives becoming one. And where more romantic to have a honeymoon than Paris? Wait, what?  No, not MY honeymoon.  Silly, I didn’t […]


Ibiza, Eivissa, Eat Pizza.

You left your heart in San Francisco? Well, I left my wallet in Ibiza. But I get ahead of myself. Let’s start again: Ibiza. When in Spain, this is pronounced “Ee-beetha”. In local Catalan it is spelled “Eivissa”. Most foreigners rhyme it with “pizza”. Regardless: […]


Wandering around Paris

As mentioned previously, I’ve been to Paris. I did the Louvre. I saw the sights. But it was with my 13 year old son and we were both kind of full-up on history and art after spending time in Edinburgh and London, so neither of […]

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Seen around London

What?  London again?  Easy folks, just a few things.  Headed in to London briefly after my Cambridge interviews to pick up stuff from Baylor’s house that I left there and to meet up with a friend I made on the Arctic cruise. Getting around London […]

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Cambridge delivers

Cambridge. One goes in with some expectations: Old, serious college buildings. Grizzle-hair professors tooling around on bicycles, preferably in tweed jackets, pipe dangling from the corner of the mouth. Men in cricket-whites ambling on green grassy pitches. One is not to be disappointed. I arrived […]