Wandering around Paris

As mentioned previously, I’ve been to Paris. I did the Louvre. I saw the sights. But it was with my 13 year old son and we were both kind of full-up on history and art after spending time in Edinburgh and London, so neither of us really gave the city of Paris it’s proper due. Time for me to give it a second try.

So, TQ and I moseyed around town, doin’ the tourist thang. Since she had never been, the camera was ever-present for any and every place we went. I was more judicial with my images since I captured most of the big things I wanted last time I was here.

Still, I had to do SOME touristy shots. Like, for example, being up on top of “L’Arc De Triomphe”

Paris. Not a quaint, quiet little village after all.
After all the ancient architecture, I’m not more fascinated by modern stuff. Such as that cool looking rectangle thingy at the far end of the street.
Failed attempt to balance the tower. Instead it went right through my finger.

of course we had to go down to see the Louvre.

The Louvre. Outside. What, go in? Pssssh, that’s for tourists.
Paris has many “arc”s.

I, however, got far more joy out of the sculptures outside.

My dear, we will rule this world with an iron- MY HAND! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HAND??!
Back in ancient times, tiny headless babies braided your hair. True story.

Having our fill of the The Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and the Champs-Elysee, we took to the Seine.  More specifically, just wandered around under the bridges.

Taking this out on the water would be a great way of seeing Paris in style.
The day threatened rain at us pretty much constantly, but turns out it was all bluster.
The seedy underbelly of Paris. Well, underbridge, technically.
Watch out folks, he’s trying to be all artsy with his shots now…

Eventually we went back up top to see all the other ornate sculptural parts to the bridges. You can easily fill many days in Paris just wandering around seeing all the cool stuff that’s just part of the city, no spending of money required.

Dude isn’t too happy to be part of a bridge.
I’m riding on a fish and very happy about getting ready to impale you on a trident.
Can you hear me now? Can yo- waitaminit, this is a conch!

All good things must come to an end, though. TQ left by train to Amsterdam and I jetted off to Ibiza. Bon Soire, Paris!

G’night, Paris. You are pretty.

Also, as you leave Paris, if you leave by the southern airport you are reminded of one of the early Internet memes. So that’s a bonus.

I’m outta here! ORLY? Ya! Rly!

Hey, you trippin or what?

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