Recruiting done right.

I’ve interviewed at many companies in my career.  I’ve also done a lot of hiring and recruiting myself.  My recent experience with Nike has shown me how wrong everyone else is going about this.

Back in July I briefly talked to a friend at Nike about the fact that I was looking around for my next job. We talked a bit, then I talked to his boss, and when I advised that I wasn’t ready to take a job right then, but would be sometime around September / October, we arranged for me to come interview.

Now this is completely out of left field for me. I’ve spent my career in computers and video games. For this reason, most of my job search had been focused on these types of companies. The job offer I currently have in the UK is for a video game company. Nike? That’s a fitness and apparel company! What do I have to offer them?

Regardless, the job sounded intriguing, and the more I thought of what it would be like to work at a company who’s entire culture revolves around fitness and getting people to be active and become better athletes, the more I liked the idea.

So I arranged my interviews with Nike.  Here’s where recruiting takes a crazy turn for the awesome:

Nike flew me in for interviews. From Prague.

And bought me the return ticket as well.

At the airport I was greeted by a towncar which whisked me off to a hotel downtown. Since I’ve gotten used to getting myself around Europe, shuttling myself around by train and subway, this just feels oppulent.  Relaxing in a plush towncar, being chauffeured around after 14 hours of flying is something I highly recommend.

Upon entering the hotel, I was quickly checked into a room with a king sized bed, a separate living room, and a huge bathroom. Keep in mind, I’ve been living in hostels for the past seven months. This room is larger than any six- eight- or twelve-person dorm I have been in. I feel like I should invite every friend I’ve made in my hostel travels to come room with me here in Portland just to make more efficient use of the space.

To top it off, right inside the door I found this waiting for me:

A present? For me???

Upon opening this, like a kid under the tree on December 25th, I discovered the contents were numerous and impressive:

Loot. And lots of it.

The picture is a little inscrutable, so the contents of this packet are as follows:

  • Nike running shoes, which fit perfectly.
  • A Nike jacket, waterproof with hood, which I immediately put to use in the rain that greeted me in Portland.
  • 2 pairs of socks (black, white)
  • A Nike Fuelband
  • A Nike shirt
  • A notepad and pen
  • A printed itinerary of my interview days
  • And, of course, the duffel bag itself.

Needless to say, this is the fanciest I’ve ever been treated by any company I’ve interviewed for.  Well done, Nike.  You know how to do this right.

16 thoughts on “Recruiting done right.

    1. Righto, sent you a bunch of links to relevant jobs I found in Beijing. I’ll do some more research on those today and tomorrow. Let me know any other info I should know about potential jobs there. Still not sure I’m all about living in Beijing, but it pays to research it thoroughly…

  1. I think I’m following this. The key to impressing a potential candidate is: make them live in youth hostels and travel using public transit for a few months before the interview. Couldn’t resist trolling;-)

  2. I’ve been watching too many cold-war era movies lately, my first thought on seeing the duffle was “He just came in from Prague!! Check it for bugs!!”
    Hope they’re continuing to treat you well! (And you can’t have DT… sorry)

  3. Hey Korey,

    Your father sent me a birthday card in which he told me of your adventures in Croatia, so I went to your blog. Holy smokes, you’ve been around! I went through half the world before I got to Croatia. All I can say is that Paris has sure changed from when I was there (back in 1952!)
    Congratulations on your world travels and your future job with Nike. After all of your adventures on foot, you should be a shoe-in (pardon the pun) for the job in Portland.
    Aunt Marion

  4. Awesome! I thought I posted my comment to this when I first read it. Must of not hit submit. 😛

    So I’ll re-say…. that’s awesome that you got to hit up the Nike headquarters. I had a chance to visit the campus this past spring while in POrtland for a digital creative conference. One of the Creative Directors in the Nike MJ building gave us a tour of the campus. Maaaan I felt like I burned 1000 calories just glancing at the employees working out in the various Nike buildings. They each housed epic indoor gym or olympic size pools! It was a surreal hybrid environment of corp offices *slash* Olympic training center. On our tour people kept walking past us who knew the Creative Director to stop and say, “Oh man this party is so awesome you gotta check it out!” Apparently there was a party going down in the middle of the day. I was like,”Woah what is this for??” The Creative Director dude was like, “It’s Wednesday.” Hahahahaha! I was like, “We must go to there!” And we did. It was like a block party on the 6th level of their parking garage?! With a DJ spinning tracks, beer, table spread of all different kinds of voodoo donuts, and ping pong tables. It was awesome!

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