Month: August 2014


I tried all year to get tickets. I was unsuccessful at every stage. Preregistered, exchange program, last chance sale, somehow I lost out on all of them. I had set this year as the year I would finally go to burning man. Fruit Cup and […]


The Monster Under The Bed is Nothing.

I’ve never been particularly brave. While I idolized the heroics of the X-men in comics as a young lad, and the chivalry and gallantry of King Arthur and his knights who preferred their tables to be generally round, my own actions and emotions ran on […]


So an assault rifle walks into a bar…

My friend Wyswords just wrote a good blog post about “Open Carry Firearms“.  Thought provoking and worth a read. The debate of guns = good / bad is quite philosophical and fraught with pitfalls.  I’m not debating that here.  As Wyswords points out; guns are […]

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