I tried all year to get tickets. I was unsuccessful at every stage. Preregistered, exchange program, last chance sale, somehow I lost out on all of them.

I had set this year as the year I would finally go to burning man. Fruit Cup and I had made grand plans. For ten months our hopes were thoroughly dashed.

Then two weeks ago a random person I met back in June informed me she knew of a theme camp from portland that might have an extra ticket. A quick interview by a few of the guys from the camp and I was in.

Now I’m in an RV, hurtling down the freeway at 3am with a bunch of people I barely know, intending to spend ten days in the desert. Madness.

I have read articles that tell me Burning Man is past it’s prime. It’s too big, too popular, too mainstream. The magic is gone. The REAL burners are off doing some different and better.

I’ve seen that the ethos is still alive. People still want it for the same reasons. Perhaps I’ve missed the heyday of this event. Maybe not. But I will experience a temporary society built by the participants themselves. For ten days I will live in a community where people come together intentionally under a set of guiding principles and make up the rest.

And yeah: glitter, glow sticks, sand storms and heat, non stop music and partying, costumes and nakedness and mobile art on wheels breathing fire. All that.

Honestly I have no real idea of what to expect. And that’s cool. And exciting.

Here’s to the burn. See y’all on the other side.

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