Little bit about me

I have done many things in my life.  For example, I’ve worked more than 2 decades in technology.  I’ve run a marathon.  Raised a child.  Been married.  Made some video games.  Played Dracula in a stage production of the play.

I haven’t really explored though.  I haven’t explored this world, and I haven’t explored myself.   I grew up drawing constantly and dreaming of being a comic book artist or story board artist for movies.  I gave up that dream as I was afraid of the term “starving artist”.   Now I want to see if I can get back some of the love I had for drawing.

I’ve written many little things, but never actually seen if I can write something big, or something real.  Something valuable and worth putting out there.  In addition to the travel blog, I’m putting the stories and stageplays I write up on this blog for public consumption and comment in the hopes this will be a catalyst for more frequent writing as well as a feedback mechanism to help me improve.

I’ve always stayed on the west coast, mostly Seattle.  I have no good concept of other cultures and how the rest of the world works.

So, I’m well into my 40’s, my son has grown up and moved out, and I’ve got the means to indulge my nagging sense that there’s something more to do with this life.  This blog is my attempt to document that experience.

12 thoughts on “Little bit about me

      1. “excellent” is a big word, but i’m going to aim for making that true. as for my progress, i have had more than a year to get going, so i may have had a big head start. also, i started “writing” about twenty years ago, but i didn’t take it seriously.

  1. Man, I’m 23 and already having a mid-life crisis! I’m enjoying your blog though, as I will be traveling soon to Europe and am trying to soak up as much as possible from other peoples’ experiences.

        1. At least September: London next week, Oslo and the arctic until July 29th, then Edinburgh for August, then Croatia for the start of September. If you end up near where I am let me know and we’ll meet up.

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