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A Gaijin in Tokyo

Recently I had the opportunity (requirement) to travel to three countries in five days for work. Seoul, then Shanghai, then Tokyo were our stops. It was a bit rushed. However, after we were done with business meetings in Tokyo, I had one full day to […]

The Scarface connection

The Scarface connection

Last weekend the Elder came to visit, and to celebrate this fact, Fruit Cup joined us for a run around Portland multiple nights in a row.  Friday saw us out until the wee hours with the Navy Gang from Seattle.  Saturday we met up with […]


Amsterdam is ontzagwekkende

After taking it easy in London, hobbling around as best I could, my foot is potentially well enough to embark on travel again (although still strapped into a moonboot).  Holland is a quick flight and is reportedly very easy to get around in, so it makes […]


London, the daily life

Since I’m still instructed to keep my foot elevated whenever possible, and when elevated to keep it 30 degrees above my heart, and even when it isn’t elevated to keep my bloody weight off of it, I find that I’m doing very little rambling around […]


Dangerous Madrid

Madrid has many dangers. For example, it’s a terrible place to be a pig. One of the main chain restaurants in town is called “Museo de Jamon” (museum of ham), Where cuts of pork hang from the ceiling and are served in all kinds of different […]

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Wine gives great pleasure; and every pleasure is of itself a good.  It is a good, unless counterbalanced by evil.    – Samuel Johnson Madrid. Many, many years ago, the Elder Wanker regaled me with tales of Spain. From this I developed a mental image of […]



“I may not make it out of this.” I think to myself. I’m hurtling down a dry, broken road in back of an SUV, an hour outside of Mexico City with two Mexican men that I met one hour previously.  My traveling partner and I are in back, […]


Living in PDC – random facts

A few assorted things I’ve gathered while living in PDC: Water First, let’s address the water situation.  It’s pretty much common accepted fact that NOBODY DRINKS TAP WATER IN MEXICO.  Accepted wisdom goes that if you happen to get a bit of the tap water […]


PDC with a Vegas spin

As promised, a bit of a tour of PDC in it’s most touristy and Vegas-inspired form: 5th ave. So, as my wise Elder sibling (Elder Wanker) has become fond of saying, this is where the Tourons go.  For those of you not familiar with the word […]


Eat your way through Portland

Eating your way through Portland The Elder Wanker came down, and when he and I are out together there’s usually three things that happen: drinking, eating, and repeating the previous two things.  This commenced as soon as we met up with him at the Mississippi […]