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Amsterdam wanderings

Okay kids, we’ve got a lot to go over, and all of it in pictures. Comfy? Good, we’ll dive right in. In my last post I kind of laid into the Dutch language a bit. I feel I should expound upon that some. For instance, […]


About hostels

Before heading out on my grand adventure, I wasn’t sure how I would control costs, especially for housing.  Hotels were right out: if you look into the average cost for a night in a hotel in Europe, you can see I’d quickly go bankrupt).  Besides, […]


Malaga, Granada.

Leaving Sevilla was much easier than getting there (meaning I only got lost and turned around twice, and didn’t end up in any scary narrow alleys). In short order I was on the road to Malaga. One of the benefits of driving instead of taking […]


Luck and Art

“Luck never gives; it only lends” – Swedish proverb I have ridiculous luck with traveling. Several examples I could pull from the amazingly friendly people I met in Mexico (situations that could have ended badly but worked out amazingly). The most recent example is my […]



Wine gives great pleasure; and every pleasure is of itself a good.  It is a good, unless counterbalanced by evil.    – Samuel Johnson Madrid. Many, many years ago, the Elder Wanker regaled me with tales of Spain. From this I developed a mental image of […]


Finances and footwear

Often heard: Man I wish I could just quit my job and travel. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to do this vacation / trip / sabbatical / Walkabout (shall we just call it a “sabbabout”?).  I’m constantly aware of this and thankful. However, when […]


Hey Buddy, can you spare a screwdriver?

“¿Tiene usted un destornillador?” I asked, hoping the translation was correct, or at least close. She looked at me concerned for a moment. Mind you, this is not covered in my daily Spanish classes. We haven’t gotten to the point where we are covering household […]


Livin’ la vida Mexicano

Part of my planning for living abroad yet being frugal was to rent a room with locals. This, I figured, would be perfect: I get to save money, and improve my Spanish by speaking with the people I live with on a regular basis. So, […]


Meebus the travel monkey

If you have never been to Playa Del Carmen (PDC), then there are couple things you should know: You really should fix that problem.  It’s freaking paradise.  And- There are two PDC’s.  The Las Vegas-ified area on Calle 5 (5th street), and the rest of […]


Woah, slow it down a bit…

Detox begins.  My personal detox, in addition to being a recovery from the debacle that was my last night in Portland, is about getting some time away from… well pretty much everything.  Detox from too much food, alcohol, technology, big-cities, high-stress lifestyle, and constant connectedness.  […]