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A Week in the Desert

In retrospect, I was not prepared. To recap how I got here: I tried all year to get tickets to Burning Man. Didn’t work. Gave up hope. Through random chance (and kindness) I managed to meet a group of people heading to Burning Man. I […]

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Who goes to Iceland in March?

Iceland?  In March?  Who does that? The idea started years ago.  Hate, Rosebud and I were having a beer at Brouwer’s in Fremont.  It seemed delightful: a quick weekend jaunt off to the tiny, frozen place.  Sadly we never did anything about that idea. Then […]

The Scarface connection

The Scarface connection

Last weekend the Elder came to visit, and to celebrate this fact, Fruit Cup joined us for a run around Portland multiple nights in a row.  Friday saw us out until the wee hours with the Navy Gang from Seattle.  Saturday we met up with […]


So four old dudes go into a bar…

Eight years ago, my buddy got married and we had a hell of a bachelor party for him.  Each year since we’d talked about getting the guys back together for a guy’s weekend.  This year we finally committed. I’m used to the fact that I’ve […]


Ibiza, Eivissa, Eat Pizza.

You left your heart in San Francisco? Well, I left my wallet in Ibiza. But I get ahead of myself. Let’s start again: Ibiza. When in Spain, this is pronounced “Ee-beetha”. In local Catalan it is spelled “Eivissa”. Most foreigners rhyme it with “pizza”. Regardless: […]


Beer, Craic, Whiskey and music

Ah, Dublin. Being a fan of Irish pubs, I considered a visit to Dublin as mandatory on this trip. Almost like a pilgrimage to the promised land of stout beer and jigging music. Dublin did not disappoint. As with all fabulous European cities, cool buildings […]


Land of Haggis

A few more days in Edinburgh, a few more experiences. I continued to walk about six miles a day, so my blister didn’t really heal until I was laid up in bed (more on that in a minute). Now, a wise(r) man might have availed […]


Defining Amsterdam

A few more odds and ends from my Amsterdam wanderings and musings. First off, they might be pretty darn serious about their flowers, as mentioned previously, as well as their ice cream, but they are also equally serious about cheese. And I can’t fault them […]


One Legged Wonder

Over the massive speakers comes the sound of YMCA.  Yes, by the Village People. I’m in Barcelona.  At a packed club. It’s 2013.  YMCA? How (why) is this happening? Also, why am I dancing on the elevated stage with my crutches held above my head? – let’s back […]


Dangerous Madrid

Madrid has many dangers. For example, it’s a terrible place to be a pig. One of the main chain restaurants in town is called “Museo de Jamon” (museum of ham), Where cuts of pork hang from the ceiling and are served in all kinds of different […]

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