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A Week in the Desert

In retrospect, I was not prepared. To recap how I got here: I tried all year to get tickets to Burning Man. Didn’t work. Gave up hope. Through random chance (and kindness) I managed to meet a group of people heading to Burning Man. I […]

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The Scarface connection

The Scarface connection

Last weekend the Elder came to visit, and to celebrate this fact, Fruit Cup joined us for a run around Portland multiple nights in a row.  Friday saw us out until the wee hours with the Navy Gang from Seattle.  Saturday we met up with […]


So four old dudes go into a bar…

Eight years ago, my buddy got married and we had a hell of a bachelor party for him.  Each year since we’d talked about getting the guys back together for a guy’s weekend.  This year we finally committed. I’m used to the fact that I’ve […]


Edinburgh on the fringes

Edinburgh. Land of haggis, castles, and awesome accents. It’s a great town on its own, and when you add their annual Fringe Festival to it, you have a recipe for awesomeness. Back in Seattle, when I was still planning this trip, I talked to friend […]


No Dark Thirty

“We are sitting in a bar on a ship, drinking a beer in the middle of the arctic, while a Philippino cover band busts out ‘Country Roads’ by John Denver.  What.” This was uttered to me by my erstwhile travel companion, Hate, as a reality check.  It […]


Defining Amsterdam

A few more odds and ends from my Amsterdam wanderings and musings. First off, they might be pretty darn serious about their flowers, as mentioned previously, as well as their ice cream, but they are also equally serious about cheese. And I can’t fault them […]


Walking. Healing. Geekery. Writing.

when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” — Samuel Johnson London is far more interesting when you are ambulatory. As my healing progresses, so does my experience of London. Brief […]


London via crutches

When I left the hospital last week, I asked how much walking I was allowed to do on my leg.  The answer was “as much as you can bear.” So I decided to put that to the test and finally make like a proper tourist […]


Health Care in London.

Ah, London. (This clip is required viewing anytime London is mentioned anywhere) I have come here far earlier than planned due to the unfortunate state of my right foot.  My plan is to discuss options with someone in the medical profession through a purely English dialect, instead of […]


About hostels

Before heading out on my grand adventure, I wasn’t sure how I would control costs, especially for housing.  Hotels were right out: if you look into the average cost for a night in a hotel in Europe, you can see I’d quickly go bankrupt).  Besides, […]

Mexico City

Mexico City

Mexico City is a World City.  It’s in the same class as places like Tokyo, London, and New York.  However, its reputation is somewhat sketchier than it’s brethren.  Where a place like London is a combination of an elegant old lady sipping high tea and a strung-out punk wearing […]

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