Backstory: INT. STUDIO APARTMENT, SOUTH OF FRANCE Sunshine. The distant sound of waves. A woman sits hunched over her keyboard. She types furiously, then pauses, lifting her head to gaze into the near distance. “I need more coffee! Coffee to fuel my creative genius!” Such was the scene for Alison in the waning months of […]


Ali and I finally have a place to stay for the next 30 days. Deep breath. Relax. It’s likely that we will need to find a place to spend some or all of May, and maybe longer. Very hard to tell right now when travel back home will be both possible and relatively safe. But […]

Look for the helpers

Today we woke up feeling much safer. We have food and shelter covered, at least near-term. Today would not be a mad scramble for the basics of living like yesterday was, which I have to say is quite a relief. So, now it’s time to reference what Mr. Rogers advises: during a crisis, look for […]

Uncertainty: begone!

Since leaving the UK 12 days ago (97 weeks ago in Covid-days) I haven’t been sleeping past 3am. Last night was particularly bad. I woke up at 1:30am in a frazzled mess with worries trampling across my grey matter: What if there was a problem getting into our planned house, the one with such luxuries […]

The only constant is change

What’s that about best laid plans? So we have flights booked for Auckland on the 28th. We have a place to stay in Queenstown until then. We found an AMAZING place north of Auckland to stay for April, up where it will still be warm as the New Zealand winter comes in. However, today the […]

Kiwi Flavored Corona

A two week trip to New Zealand has become an indefinite one. How does this happen? Well, let’s look at a brief history of time, with apologies to Mr. Hawking: 2019: Planned our trip to New Zealand to hang with West Coast Crew. Oh those halcyon days of yesteryear when I washed my hands once […]

Ice Ice baby

This is a fairly dry summary which is the result of an online debate on climate change that finished with my interlocutor and I agreeing that we would both get to the bottom of the following assertion : so, fun times indeed. The summary: Yep, there is data showing Antarctic ice has grown. In places […]

British Health Care

Way back in July, on a fine summer evening, biking back from a lovely night of comedy and beer, my bike decided that it was fundamentally done with supporting me and thought it would be great laugh to instead opt for horizontal positioning. This was while I was happily cruising down the street, dreaming of […]

Biking in London

Getting around without a car in a city of nearly 8 million people turns out to be simple. My first few months here I was infatuated with The Tube. For someone who has never lived in a city where there is reliable transit which comes nearly every minute, connecting to a webbed network that can […]