Month: August 2013

Beer, Craic, Whiskey and music

Ah, Dublin. Being a fan of Irish pubs, I considered a visit to Dublin as mandatory on this trip. Almost like a pilgrimage to the promised land of stout beer and jigging music. Dublin did not disappoint. As with all fabulous European cities, cool buildings […]


Get a job, hippy.

When I started this trip, I earmarked October as a potential end.  Back to being gainfully employed.  A grown up, once again.  Figuring that it will take a couple months or more, the time is now ripe to be looking for what is next. And the strange thing […]



A friend is doing a talk about “Imposter Syndrome“, which is a fancy term for the feeling that you are totally out of your league in your job, making stuff up and it’s only a matter of time before some official person discovers you and […]


West Coast = Best Coast

Travel is awesome. Travel is wearying. It’s not that it is tiring.  If you are tired, you just take a rest and then you wake up refreshed.  Or have a giant sugar-bomb ice-cream caramel-drenched tub of sugary evil and tear around like a speed-addled mongoose. Wearying is more […]


Land of Haggis

A few more days in Edinburgh, a few more experiences. I continued to walk about six miles a day, so my blister didn’t really heal until I was laid up in bed (more on that in a minute). Now, a wise(r) man might have availed […]


Edinburgh on the fringes

Edinburgh. Land of haggis, castles, and awesome accents. It’s a great town on its own, and when you add their annual Fringe Festival to it, you have a recipe for awesomeness. Back in Seattle, when I was still planning this trip, I talked to friend […]