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Unreasonable Optimism

Warning: this post is full of rainbows, ponies, sunshine and kumbayah.  Proceed at your own risk. I’ve talked to a few friends lately that are kind of beaten down. Defeated.  Whether it is from dating rejections, failed job interviews, or personal goals that just haven’t […]


Spanish Class – Week 2

So, as previously mentioned, at five hours a day, plus living with a Mexican family, I should be fluent in no time, yes? Oh reality, you are a harsh mistress. My initial thoughts were: sure, I’ll have some problems at the start, but they’ll be easily […]


Spanish lessons

I’ve been to Mexico before.  I loved it.  That’s probably not a big surprise, ’cause here I am starting my adventure in Mexico.  So, let’s move on. The main thing I wanted to do on coming here was to learn Spanish.  Well, okay, I also […]


Final preparations

Thursday.  My last day in the states.  Filled with finalizing last minute things: Health coverage (the paperwork nightmare must end!) Malaria pills (wish I could just pack one of those mosquito-zapping lasers) Hep A and B round-2 shots Handing off the car to Fashion Athlete Seeing […]

The tooth of the matter

The tooth of the matter

Cleaning out an apartment, getting rid of all your world possessions gets down to lots of strange things you may have carried around for far too long. In my case, it was a tooth. To be specific, it was a tooth with a gold grown.  […]

Big decisions.

Big decisions.

Warning: this post requires you to do some work.  The upside: you could change your life if you go through with it.  Plan your reading accordingly. I’ve had several people express that they have dreamed of doing the kind of thing I’m doing.  Since I held […]